Grendich Courthouse

"When I was just a young hooligan, I found myself before a judge on a regular basis. I stood here, inside this very building, as my punishments were read by the Magister. Back then, I can remember wishing this building would be hit by lightning or destroyed in a great fire. Never did I think it would come to be." -Warmaster Labofski

Before I start off this post officially, I want to bid welcome to all of the new players of Guild Wars 2, be it new to the series or a veteran from the first game. I'm glad to see that the game and community will be growing ever bigger with your help! I hope that this site will continue to be a valuable resource to those who visit it.  If you ever find yourself with map related questions, feel free to contact me through here or in game and I'll be more than happy to help.

Grendich Courthouse was always one of the stops I would make while running players between Lion's Arch and Ascalon. It's a good place to stop and find rest before entering the Shiverpeaks or continuing through the Diessa Lowlands. We never got to see this place before the searing but post-searing all we saw were the shambles of what I believe to have once been a brilliant courthouse. In Guild Wars 2, however, we know the land to be called Diessa Plateau and the courthouse is known now as the Grendich Ruins. It's a fitting name as it still remains in ruin from what happened during the searing.

However, it seems that they may have worked on the outpost a bit before abandoning it. We can see now that a wall within the courthouse has been rebuilt. The rest of it, however, has mostly degraded even more from it's Guild Wars counterpart. Magic runes that once lived in the courtyard are now gone but the once dead trees have been taken over by newer, living versions. The hills and valleys we could once see from the broken wall are now rolling and nearly smooth, and more noticeably- not as deep.

Walking into this place, it should easy for Guild Wars 1 players to recognize it, but underneath the recognizable features, a lot has changed.

Rebuilt Lions Arch - Fort Marriner

"I barely recognize Fort Marriner. But it's good to see the old place busy again." - Keeper Olda

Continuing with the Rebuilt Lions Arch series, Fort Marriner has made a lot of changes. It's still the hub of the mists portals. Now, however, it holds the portal to Fractals of the Mists and rightfully so. The rebuilt fort is now also home to the Lions Arch Aerodrome, which the players voted as the name. The Aerodrome now serves as an airbase for the city, helping to provide more defenses than ever before.

Most of the structures in and around the fort are in the new style, unlike the postern ward. A lot of the trees were switched out with palm trees outside of the fort entrances and it boasts a lot more flora around the fort than we've seen before. On the map, the fort still resembles the shape it held before. 

Rebuilt Lions Arch - Postern Ward

"This is the future headquarters of the Guild Initiative. I'm afraid I can't divulge any more details at this time, but if you belong to a guild, you'll want to visit it when we're done." - Guild Initiative Planner

In the attempt to document the countless changes, we make our first stop at the Postern Ward. It's obvious from the crew standing outside of the building that this is going to be the future home of guild related functions. Not only will we be seeing the guild services we've had for so long but also the introduction of guild halls and it's likely that this will be the hub we purchase the rights to a hall from.

The newly rebuilt area resembles, probably more than the rest of the city, the Lions Arch we used to know from the launch of Guild Wars 2. The building is made from an assortment of ship parts, and resembles the original bank base in the entrance.

Also found was a venue that appears to have attracted a lot of couples professing that they want to spend their lives together. We can assume that this is, then, a place for weddings. Is it possible in the future that we'll see a Kasmeer and Marjory wedding take place here?

Lions Arch Map (Update)

"Beautiful isn't it? After Scarlet attacked the city, this statue was rubble. Now look at it. More glorious than ever. Just like Lion's Arch." - Aid Worker Sya

It's another wonderful patch day and Lion's Arch is looking better than ever. With a nod to what it was originally described as, the hub has taken quite some drastic changes. We at Project Tyria are working to document the changes and provide before and after images as usual. It will take some time due to the sheer size of the changes, but for now we can show off the newest update to the ever popular Lion's Arch Map gif.

Ashford Abbey - The Searing

"Once an abbey dedicated to Dwayna, Sardelac Sanitarium is now used to house those who have suffered serious mental harm during the Searing." -The Guild Wars Manuscripts
Ashford Abbey was an outpost that a lot of quests centered around. Either our heroes would pick up a quest or use it to complete one. Many times a quest may have to do with delving into the catacombs for one reason or another. However, in post Searing, it doesn't have as much going on in the quest field. The catacombs become closed up and inaccessible. Instead of being the abbey it once was, it becomes a Sanitarium surrounded by destruction and searing crystals.

Ascalon Academy

"During times of peace, Ascalon soldiers would come here to practice their craft."  -Warmaster Adriam

The Ascalon Academy is a small arena outpost inside of Ascalon City in Guild Wars. It was used as a low level PvP battle between randomly matched characters. Unfortunately, these days, there aren't many players participating in the match so it can be difficult to get into the map beyond the outpost. In Guild Wars 2, we see it as a broken down facade and ogres have built their homes behind its face.

The best way to navigate the area between both games is to stand at the end of the bridge, facing the academy, and pivoting to see the area. The last two pictures included are a bit more difficult to find as it took some careful navigation using tiny bits of wall leftover on the map. 

Ascalon City - The Searing

"Though the buildings have fallen and the cathedrals are a shambles, the people here live on in the shadow of what once was."

Ascalon City is where we are first thrown as Prophecies characters. It's a small but beautiful city and I couldn't help but to think that there was more to see than what we were given in the game. Most of the quests in pre-searing are given out at this location. While it may be the main city in pre-searing, post searing it is nothing more than a tiny spot on the map. The small city gives way to searing crystals and the land around us opens up for further exploration.